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Have you ever realized that you have a calling that you just keep coming back to?  For me, it’s creating adventurous stories with deeper emotional, ethical, and epistemic meanings.  It’s how I wrote my first heavily-illustrated “books” as an elementary school student, read every adventure story I could get my hands on in middle school and ran through my own versions of similar stories in my head for the whole hour-long walk home, wrote my own science fiction and action short stories in high school, kept my diary as an All-American rifle shooter at the Academy, journaled my experiences while learning to lead and fly in the Navy, recapped the journeys of daring startups in business school, and even how I just tend to tell of my own exploits while sitting with friends at the pub.  Every time my preferred form of expression is as an engaging adventure that carries a message that is important to me.  Now I’m making a career of that calling as an action/adventure screenwriter.

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