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I completed Full Sail University’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing to develop the level of professional entertainment writing craft required to support my passion for creating thought provoking and action packed stories that are commercially viable.  During the program I honed a wide range of creative writing skills, but I focused on screenwriting.  


Sci-fi adventure feature


When three oddly-aligned special forces experts agree to help a peace-loving alien race quell a rebellion that their benevolent A.I. ruler has left them powerless to defend against, they travel across the galaxy and fight for the aliens only to discover that the rebels are actually previously abducted humans. 

Sample: opening scene

Three elite special forces teams collide near a defunct Soviet-era weapons testbed that is suspected of eliminating power to nearly half of the globe, but instead of a revamped super-weapon they find an alien begging for their assistance on its home planet.

Nerves of Steel

Hour serial drama


A futuristic neurologist has a superhuman knack for saving lives by bringing cutting-edge medical technology to bear, but secretly uses those same advances to give himself extraordinary abilities, which comes at a very high price to his own well-being.

Sample: expanded show bible

Includes the show bible, season 1 loglines, and a pilot treatment.

Heroine POC

Action thriller feature


A tough female marine has to alert a visiting Arab crown prince of a kidnapping plot after receiving a cryptic message, but a cover-up then makes her the prince’s only hope of escaping execution by ruthless terrorists led by an espionage mastermind.

Sample: proof-of-concept short screenplay

When a static-filled message from her distant father interrupts her workout, a tough female prior marine narrowly rescues a royal exchange student from both terrorists and crooked cops.

Garden Script
The Garden of Episteme

Short animated screenplay

A young guardian, with the power to enchant her arrows with a rhetorical influence on her target, protects the Garden of Episteme from all those who don’t come bearing a Burden of Proof to feed the garden with—but when a sorceress with the power to impart potent fallacies with her own arrows breaks in, the young warrior must learn to assemble the other guards’ abilities with perfect synergy to defeat her.

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